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Dejan Devic
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Artist Dejan Devic-Dejan Devic was born on 10.08. 1963. in Nis, Serbia (ex Yugoslavia) in an artistic family.
Father Vojislav Devic was Art Critic and painter, mother Vera Devic is ceramic sculptor and retired Art Teacher.
Brother Aleksandar Devic is painter and sculptor.

Dejan Devic finished secondary Art school in Nis-1985.
Graduated at the University of Art in Pristina-1997.
Became a member of “ULUS” – Serbian Artists Society in year 1997.
In 1997 Devic changed his abstract style of painting to figurative.
His style was named “Poetic Fantasy” by serbian art critic & movie director, Djordje Kadijevic.

Own Exibitions:
1987. Club of Faculty of Philosophy in Nis, Serbia-1994.
Art Gallery “Zograf” in Nis, Serbia-1997.
Cultural Center in Belgrade-1998.
“The Turn” in Gallery Ram Art in 1997

Collective Exibitions:
1986. Salon “Boro & Ramiz” Pristina-1998.
Salon “77” in Nis-1996. Traditional exibition of “Sicevo Art Colony ’96”-1997.
Exibition of newly admited members of “ULUS”.Self Exibition .
Participation in several collective exhibitions in USA, Europe and Asia

Djordje Kadijevic
Historian of Art, Writer, Movie Director

"The Turn"

Do we change the time or the time changes us?
This is dilemma which, at the first place, can be imposed upon an artist. Let us just remember in the fifties we considered it natural that a painter who”had started” with figurative “moved” into abstract painting. Today, we came to the point where the opposite phenomenon is seen as natural: when a painter begins with abstract paitning, it can be expected that he will turn to the figurative painting.

The example of a painter from Nis (Serbia) Dejan Devic, points to this phenomenon. Since he went through the phase of abstract painting after the studies at the University of Art in the sighties, Devic made an energetic creative turn and by the end of the nineties he entered a new, figurative phase. This turn seems to be a surprise to the others, but not for Devic. Impregnated with the aesthetism of the objectless painting expression, Devic turned to the area of esoteric, poetic painting fiction. He realised that the almost opposition to the abstract painting expression is not the classic realistic figuration, but that which is surrealistic, phantasmagoric. Since he has already decided to make that turn, Devic altered consequently not only the language of painting but also the spirit of painting expression. He changed that which is logic, rational and egzact in the expression for this which is poetic imaginary and paradoxically. Scenes from Devic’s paintings carry the sign of free, poetic imagination in painting. These scenes are ruled by the euphoric atmosphere of lyrical feelings in which there are no traces of morbid contents of a paranoid imagination that is characteristic of surrealistic painting of belgrade school. Devic’s emotionally imagination is turned to the bright side of the imaginary space from the edge of consciousand subconscious. He has neither a wish for a need for a reed to go down into dark depths of uconscious being. If we allow ourselves to judge Devic by unnecessary comparisons, we can say that his idols are more easy to find in works of “gothic” northerners like Ernst, Masson, Magritte and Delvaux than in works of mystical mediterraneans like De Kirk, Dali and other similar painters. Devic accepted the challenge readly, the challenge met by a painter who dares to enter the magic space of visionary poetic imagination.

He realised the basic rule for such kind of painting. The rule says that a fictious scene seems convincing only if all the details that make up its compieeteness are presented in painting with emphasized exactness. Due to the rule, Devic insist on convincing materialization of paintedobjects, on their precise position in space. Here, we speak about a really demanding style of “total” painting which is common preoccupation of all the painters from poetically fictious family to which Dejan Devic belongs too.

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